" "I know that the molecules in my body are traceable to phenomenon in the cosmos. That makes me want to grab people in the street and say "Have you heard this?" "
" Always make sure you find something to look forward to every day. A cup of coffee tomorrow morning, wearing your favorite sweater this week, a phone call from your family, knowing you’ll see your love on Friday. Having something to look forward to can mean all the difference between a shitty week, and a marvelous week. "



Firebird  - Works - Rob Goodwin

Headpieces and other costume accessories designed by Rob Goodwin for the English National Ballet’s new production of Stravinsky’s Firebird - performed at the London Coliseum in March 2012 as part of their ‘Beyond Ballets Russes’ programme. The ballet was choreographed by George Williamson with designs by David Bamber - who is Design Director at Tom Ford. Photography: Diego Indraccolo - Ballerina: Ksenia Ovsyanick

She is living, breathing artwork!

Incredibly beautiful!

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Making of my fem!Winter Soldier Cosplay

A story of fails, wins and a lot of coffee…

These awesome pictures were made by meikel-art-photography, klaus-blum-photography and mr-photography. Thanks a lot!



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Sometimes I wish the ghosts of my past mistakes wouldn’t come knocking on my door so loudly.



I think that Wonder Woman is long overdue to lead her own team of female super heroes. I would love to see a cartoon of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Here she is in action with Vixen. I’ll continue to post more heroes on her team. 

The fact that Mari looks like a cat in human form here is making me smile right now :D

I am totally on board with a female led superhero cartoon, like give it to me yesterday!!! Wonder Woman and Vixen, look totally glorious here!!! :3


Ava Gardner c. 1940s

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This weekend, my kids and I built the UCS Invisible Jet by /u/JimmyLegs50

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"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure."

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