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An artistic ode to beards.-


maria hill in black widow #5

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Rev Kate Bottley reacting to the first gay couple to marry legally in the UK 

Taking bits of the bible to justify your prejudice is no longer a secret. You can keep calling it whatever you want but it is simple bigotry.

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Female comic book characters you should know about

Dawnstar: Native American descendant

Team: Justice Society of America

Comes from: Starhaven, a planet whose inhabitants are genetically engineered to have wings.

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Wait a minute. I have super-powers. I saved somebody’s life on Friday. "I am 911!”

Ms. Marvel #03

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black widow (2014) #05

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Kara in Superman Unbound

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Anonymous: You don't read Captain Marvel?


haha yeah I was worried someone would ask about that

I dropped captain marvel a while back tbh. the thing is…towards the end of the first run, the book started to drift away from the initial tone of the series. I mean, it’s inevitable that a book will change over time, and usually that’s a good thing. but the series started out so strong, with carol taking on the captain marvel mantel and having great team ups and adventures and a good supporting cast, and by the end…carol is living in the statue of liberty???? like haha what. really? what.

and then I picked up cap marvel #1 and skimmed it, but idk, something about the book now isn’t gripping me. and carol took her cat into space. that was. that was just kind of……….she took her cat into space because the fandom loves chewie so of course carol took her cat into space. it just feels like the series has become too influenced by the fandom? I love that the carol corps is a thing, and that kelly sue is so involved with her fans, but at the same time the story seems to be suffering for it. carol going into space is one thing (and tbh seems like an editorial mandate, which I don’t mind because those are inevitable), buT SHE TOOK. HER CAT. INTO SPACE. a giant crowd chanting “we are captain marvel” and carol living in the statue of liberty is one thing, but taking her cat into space is………another thing.

for me, this isn’t the same book that punched holes in the sky. I’m glad that kelly sue is catering to her largely female audience, because this is an industry that has historically not done that. but I am just not part of the fandom she is writing to now.

Sorry but not really sorry this is how I felt after reading Captain Marvel #1.
It is amazing to see how far its come but honestly, yes this!! I don’t think I will keep reading it.