John Scalzi gets it.

The point most men don’t understand is that pointing out sexism/violence/rape is not about blaming ALL of them. Its about realizing that TOO many of them incur in these toxic behaviors and illicits that a change needs to happen. If you choose to feel offended, you’re not getting it and you need to do some research.

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realm of kings: inhumans 05

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No capes!

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Red She-Hulk

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I miss you, my love.



Sighs! We need to talk, SOON!! :)


comics meme: favorite female characters. (1/?)

↳ jessica drew - spider-woman

 ”Congratulations, Wolverine. You are no longer the most screwed-over human in the history of the entire world.

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The Maitlands Halloween costumes by Ian Austin

Made out of construction foam and acrylics and forged with assistance of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

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Kung Fu Weather Man! | Bruce Lee as Kato (unmasked) in the Green Hornet TV Series (1966-67) - Via: 1 | 2

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